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    Saturday, January 28, 2012


     I'm a Professional Keyword Researcher with multilingual capabilities, providing my keyword research services at affordable price. If you need high quality, low competition, high traffic and highly relevant  keywords, which would rank your websites high with minimal SEO, and move ahead of  your competitors, then you need a "Professional keyword Researcher".

    As you know, Keyword Research plays a very important role in a SEO or PPC campaign. Selecting the wrong keywords may result in overall lower site performance and rankings and selecting the right keywords will not only boost your site rankings and increased number of visitors, but it may also lead to better sales or conversion. So, you'll need to take help of a professional keyword researcher.

    Top reasons to hire a professional keyword researcher:-

    • Website not ranking enough in Google SERP.
    • Your competitors have an edge over your website.
    • Visitors coming but no sale happening.
    • You are going to launch a new website, but confused, "which keyword to use?". 
    • You need keywords for a PPC campaign.
    • You are searching for a niche.
    • Your articles have no takers.
    • You need to improve your CTR and lower your CPC.

    I can provide you the complete Keyword Research solutions:-

    • SEO Keyword Research.
    • SEO Competition Analysis.
    • Niche Research.
    • Product Keywords
    • Services Keywords
    • PPC Keyword Research.
    • Long tail Keywords.
    • Short Keywords.
    • Low competition Keywords.
    • High Traffic Keywords.
    • Highly Relevant Keywords.
    • Keywords for Article Writing.
    • Multilingual Keyword Research   
      • French Keyword Research.
      • German Keyword Research.
      • Keyword Research in Polish.

        I'm also a SEO consultant, providing the best SEO services at affordable price. If you need to rank your website high against your main competitors or want to rank in top ten of Google, then you'll need a certified SEO consultant. I agree that Keyword Research is a part of SEO,  but a Keyword Research is also a critical part of any Adword's campaign or PPC campaign or Adsense keyword selection.  That's the main reason behind providing both the services separately.

              Currently, I'm providing my services as a freelancer.

              Thank You.

              Thursday, January 26, 2012

              My client base is mostly from countries like USA, UK, Australia and Poland. I've done Keyword Research for several big firms. Some of their testimonials are shown here.

              1. "Ashu is very hard working, and did a great job. Thank you Ashu!"........Catherine
              2. "Ashu is one of the most professional and proficient contractors I have ever dealt with. He excels in all areas and all I can say is that if you are considering having him work on a project – do it. You won't be disappointed.".......Robert Bezman
              3. "Ashu is very competent at his SEO work. I would very happily use him again."......Chris Davidson
              4. "Excellent provider, highly recommend! Expert in Market Samurai and very good at SEO. I would definitely hire again"......Joy Miller
              5. "Ashu did a great job. Completed project ahead of schedule and exceeded our expectations. Will use again on future projects".......Orlando Mazzotta
              6. "Good level of work. Will definitely consider using again.".......William Breitholtz
              7. "Did a great job - we had a couple tech hiccups (no fault of Ashu's) - he persisted and delivered as promised. Recommended resource"......Brett VanTil
              8. "Ashu, worked externally well in throughout this contract. Was a hard dedicated worked & always communicated clearly. Great work & thank you very much".....Matthew Ensor  


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